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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Cheap Good Quality Clothes

by Dylan Johnson 15 Oct 2022

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Are you on the hunt for good quality clothes you can buy cheaply? Finding the balance between affordable prices and high-quality materials is easier said than done, but is by no means impossible.

At LA7, we know what it takes to offer high-quality, affordable clothing that helps you keep up with the latest trends.

Learn more about what to look for in affordable, high-quality clothes along with where to buy cheap but good-quality clothes online. Your wardrobe and your wallet will thank you!

Identify Good Quality Clothes

When it comes to finding cheap, good quality clothes you need to know what exactly good quality means!

Good quality can mean different things to different people. But for the most part, you can tell is something is made to last if:

  • It isn’t see-through: While you can definitely find intentionally sheer crop tops and more, most clothing shouldn’t be see-through (especially things like leggings). According to the experts at Insider, if you can hold a garment up to the light and can't see the outline of your hand through the material, it suggests that the garment will be more durable over time.

  • It fits the way it’s supposed to: Most clothing stores give sizing information so you can find the perfect fit. But that doesn’t always mean the clothing will look great once it arrives. Different clothing items have different fits. For example, you want your leggings to be snug on your body rather than saggy.

  • It gives you information on the materials: Good quality clothing is often made with stronger materials that are more durable. Cheap but good quality clothing should include information on the materials used along with care instructions that (when followed) will help make your garments last longer.
  • Cheap Clothing to Avoid

    Remember, not all cheap clothes are made poorly. However, you should avoid purchasing cheap clothing that has:

    • See-through parts or is made with cheap materials
    • Exposed zippers that are prone to snags
    • Cheap finishings like rough edges or missing buttons
    • Poor alignment of fabrics (i.e. the patterns don’t line up)
    • Gaps in the seams

    How to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

    After finding your cheap but good quality clothes, you want them to last. Here are some budget-friendly tips in mind for making your clothes last longer:

    • Always sort your laundry. This is an easy way to help protect your clothes from damage in the wash. The Spruce recommends not only separating your garments by color, but also by material or drying temperature. For instance, you should always wash your delicates separately from bulky hoodies or jeans with buttons and zippers.
    • Don’t overload your washing machine. A crammed washing machine means your clothes aren’t getting as clean. And less room causes more friction between your clothes as they get tossed around.
    • Lower your drying temperature. Lowering the drying temperature may mean your clothes take longer to dry, but it reduces the risk of shrinkage or accidentally setting in stains.

    Where to Buy Good Quality Clothes For Cheap

    There are tons of ways to go about finding cheap but good quality clothes both in-store and online. One way is to wait for your favorite brand to have a sale. From holiday discounts to warehouse sales, these are good opportunities to shop your fave designer brands on a budget.

    Of course, if you want to stay on top of the latest trends you can’t always shop the sale section. The best option is to find a cheap but good-quality online clothing store that you can get delivered to your door in no time. 

    When looking for cheap but good quality clothes online, pay special attention to:

    • Reviews - Hear from real customers how a product looks and feels in person. If you notice a pattern of reviews relating to poor quality it’s best to shop elsewhere. 
    • Materials - Take a look at the product’s material to get a better understanding of how durable it will be.
    • Sizing - Size charts help ensure your cheap but good quality clothes fit like they’re supposed to. See if products tend to run large or small to help.

    Consider LA7 your one-stop shop for cheap but good-quality clothes that follow all the latest fashion trends. At our online boutique, affordable and high-quality clothes go hand-in-hand so you never have to sacrifice your style or compromise your budget. 

    Shop cheap but good quality clothes from LA7 ONLINE today. We have an entire section dedicated to clothing under $10 that is hard to beat!
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