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How to Find Leggings That Fit Perfectly

by ENEZ SARI 28 Apr 2022

Girl doing a workout in leggings

Leggings are some of the most comfortable and versatile bottoms for everyday wear. But do you know your size?

Finding the perfect pair of leggings to complement your body type comes down to understanding the right size and fit for you! Let’s cover some of the signs that you might be wearing the wrong-size leggings and tips on how to know what size leggings to buy when online shopping.

How Are Leggings Supposed to Fit?

Leggings should feel and look like a smooth second skin. The material should be snug and flat against your thighs, calves, and bum without becoming sheer or bunching up. 

Your leggings may be too small if:

    • They dig into your waist. You should be able to comfortably move and breathe in your workout leggings. If the waistband is digging into your stomach and giving you a dreaded muffin top, they’re probably too small. Leggings should sit snugly on your stomach but never leave red marks.
    • They become see-through. Your leggings shouldn’t become transparent when you move around. Always perform a “squat test” in your bottoms to see whether your underwear shows when you bend. This is a telltale sign you need to size up. 
    • You have trouble putting them on. The right-size leggings should easily glide on. If you’re shimmying and shaking to get your leggings on, you might be more comfortable in a size up.

    Your leggings might be too big if:

      • You keep pulling them up. If you’re constantly pulling up your leggings as you walk or workout, they’re probably too big. Compression leggings especially should fit tightly without being constricting. 
      • They bunch up. Your leggings should never bunch up around your knees, calves, crotch, or bum. This can be unflattering and is a sign you should size down for a sleeker fit.
      • They give you a baggy crotch. Too much excess fabric in the crotch area of your leggings doesn’t look great. Plus, it can lead to uncomfortable chafing. Sizing down should solve this problem.

        And when it comes to the length of your leggings, that’s up to your preference. Some cropped leggings come to mid-calf, while others are meant to reach your ankle. If you find your leggings to be too long or too short, you should try petite or long sizes respectively.

        Should You Size Up or Down in Leggings?

        A girl laying in bed in an athleisure set on her phone

        The fit of your leggings can also be impacted by their material. For instance, some bottoms are made with extremely stretchy and soft material, while others might have a tighter seam and decorative elements (like mesh) that make them less flexible. 

        If you’re shopping in person, you have the benefit of trying things on to find the perfect size. In this case, you should do the squat test and stretch in your leggings to make sure they’re comfortable, flattering, and absolutely never see-through. 

        However, if you’re shopping online it’s important to always read the product pages and reviews. This is where you’ll get a better understanding of the sizing and whether it’s recommended to size up or down in the specific style of leggings. 

        A good rule of thumb is if you’re between sizes to size up to ensure your leggings are comfortable.

        How to Measure for Leggings

        What size leggings should you wear? It’s surprisingly easy to measure your leggings size from home. 

        All you need to take your measurements at home is a cloth measuring tape, never a metal ruler or other stiff tape measure. Take your waist, hip, and inseam measurements to compare to a brand’s size chart. Each brand likely has different sizes, so it’s important to take these measurements to find the best fit.

        However, it’s important to note that leggings are often sized differently than your average pair of pants. While some brands may size their leggings according to waist size, many offer these bottoms in sizes small, medium, large, etc. That’s why it’s also important to keep your weight and body height measurements in mind when purchasing these types of bottoms. 

        LA7 Leggings

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