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How to Style a Graphic Tee for Any Occasion

by Dylan Johnson 08 Sep 2022
Woman in t-shirt styled with denim shorts, baseball hat, and sunglasses

The reasons why we love graphic tees are endless. Not only are they incredibly comfortable and a great way to show off your personality, but they’re also extremely versatile.

While you may associate tees with a dressed down look, there are infinite ways to style your favorite graphic tee. Read on to learn more about how to wear graphic tees for any occasion, from a dressed down day at the beach to a night out with friends.

10 Ways to Wear a Graphic Tee 

From the grocery store to the office, here are some cute outfits with graphic tees that are perfect for different occasions.

For Running Errands

A day of running errands is perfect for rocking your favorite oversized graphic tee. Pair your graphic t-shirt with a pair of high waisted bike shorts for an effortless athleisure look. Complete the vibe with a pair of sneakers and accessories with sunglasses, a baseball cap, and, of course, your bag.

For The Beach

Dressing up a graphic tee for the beach can also be a cute look - plus it provides a little extra sun protection. You can easily throw your shirt over your bathing suit and pair your top with some cute shorts or even a maxi skirt for a more bohemian look. Tucking a graphic tee into your shorts is a super flattering way to show off your figure while staying cool on the shore.

For The Office

Don’t think a graphic tee works for the office? Think again! There’s many ways to dress up a graphic t-shirt for the office, including pairing it with a pencil skirt and/or an oversized blazer. A tight skirt and larger blazer creates an eye-catching silhouette that’s appropriate for many offices, especially if you work in a more creative field.

For A Sports Game

Stay comfy while watching your favorite sports team by easily dressing up your graphic tee. Wear leggings or shorts in warm weather and top off your outfit with a denim jacket. This is the perfect outfit if you’re unsure about the weather since you can take the jacket off or on depending on how you feel.

Complement your tee with a pair of sneakers and accessories with a hat or sunglasses for outdoor games. Bonus points if your graphic tee also includes your sports team's logo!

For The Gym

Rock a comfortable shirt next time you hit the gym. Whether it’s for a yoga session or some cardio, a t-shirt can keep you cool while looking your best. Complete this graphic tee outfit with a pair of leggings and sneakers.

For Brunch With Friends

Keep things cute and casual by dressing up a graphic tee for brunch with friends. Depending on your style (and how comfy you want to be) pair your shirt with a pair of leggings or jeans. Or, dress things up by tucking your shirt into a mini skirt.

Then add a bit of personality with your accessories. The right jewelry, shoes, and bag can instantly elevate your brunch look. A light jacket draped over your shoulders is also functional and cute for your brunch photo ops. 

For A Night Out

Wear your favorite graphic tee next time you’re headed to the bar or club. Get inspired by vintage styles and tuck your graphic tee into a pair of dark ripped skinny jeans paired with heels or boots for a night out. 

Then, have fun with the accessories. Big hoops, chunky necklaces, bangles and more are fun to wear and complement a fun look for a night spent dancing. Plus, a graphic tee is often a great conversation starter. Find a saying, logo, or image you love and see who comments on it next time you’re out!

For A Concert

There’s never a better time to bring out your favorite band tee than at a concert. Dressing up a graphic tee for a show depends on the vibe you’re going for - but luckily t-shirts are versatile. Go grunge or punk by pairing an oversized graphic tee with wide leg skater jeans or a skirt and fishnets.

For a pop concert, wear your fave jeans or a mini skirt. Or, take things country with a corduroy skirt, cowboy boots, and a signature hat. The possibilities are truly endless!

Find Your New Favorite Graphic Tee

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