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Affordable Fashion Brand, LA7, is Now Online

by Dylan Johnson 30 Sep 2022
LA 7 store front

It just got easier to shop the latest fashion trends at affordable prices from LA7.

Since 2015, LA7 has operated as a brick-and-mortar business around the country. It has earned the reputation as one of the best places to shop for women’s clothing and accessories. From leggings and statement tees to sets and trendy tops, LA7 has long been the place to shop for affordable women’s fashion.

With over 170 locations nationwide in 15 states across the country (and counting!), LA7 is now online, making it easier than ever to keep up with the latest trends on a budget. 

LA7’s Move to Online

Online shopping has been around for decades, but it wasn’t always the most convenient option. Decades ago finding the perfect outfit online would be time consuming and costly due to shipping costs. Outfits could take weeks to reach your doorstep and it would be difficult to determine quality and sizing from images and vague descriptions.

But today, e-commerce has come a long way. And LA7 has perfected the online shopping experience.

With more than 150 retail locations and 15 million happy customers, creating an online clothing store for women was a natural next step for LA7. It presented an opportunity to connect more women with affordable, trendy fashion to help expand their wardrobe and express themselves.

The COVID-19 pandemic was also a catalyst for the creation of LA7’s online store. Recent numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau show that e-commerce sales increased by $244.2 billion or 43% in 2020 (the first year of the pandemic). Not only was online shopping a convenient choice, but it also became the safest choice during times of uncertainty.

And clearly, this trend is here to stay. According to Oberlo, there were 900 million more digital buyers in 2021 than there were in 2020—a 4.4 percent year-over-year increase. Even with more department stores and boutiques safely reopening, shoppers are choosing to make their purchases online. 

With LA7 Online, millions more shoppers can now access the best place to shop for women’s clothing from the comfort of their home. 

What LA7 Online Means For Customers

Of course, not all online retail experiences are created equal. When LA7 decided to go online, they were determined to translate the experience for shopping for affordable women’s fashion in-person to the web.

With LA7 Online, shoppers can expect to find the same high-quality clothing, accessories, and more at affordable prices. Shopping online with LA7 also comes with additional perks, such as:

More Variety

Walk into any LA7 store and you’ll find a variety of the latest fashion trends. However, retail locations always have their limits. Different LA7 stores naturally have different inventories that can change daily. That cute set you see at one LA7 location today may not be there tomorrow!

LA7 Online isn’t bound by the constraints of brick and mortar stores. You can shop all the latest affordable women’s fashion trends all in one place. At LA7 Online, you have access to our entire inventory of trendy fashion the moment it’s available. And not only can you find LA7’s categories in their entirety, but you will also find more variety when it comes to colors, sizes, and styles.

LA7’s online clothing store for women offers the best variety and more fashion options at your fingertips than your average retail store.

Detailed Product Information

While shopping online for clothes is convenient, it doesn’t come without its risks. According to recent data from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), online shopping was the fourth most common fraud category for consumers as of February 2022. This can span everything from individual scammers posing as retailers or fast fashion stores misrepresenting the quality of products.

When you shop from LA7, you can have peace of mind that you’re purchasing clothing from an authorized retailer. The LA7 website accurately reflects what’s in stock and goes the extra mile to provide detailed information about each product.

Purchasing clothes online can sometimes feel like a gamble. You want to know how the clothing you’re choosing will feel, fit, and look in-person. LA7 includes details on every product that includes information about material, measurement, fit and more to help customers shop with confidence.

Real Customer Reviews

There’s no better way to understand a product than from customers who have purchased it. LA7 Online includes customer reviews for many available products. Here, real customers share their honest reviews about LA7 products.

Shoppers can get a better idea about the fit, feel, and durability of different items and accessories before making a purchase. This added transparency is something you can’t even find in stores.

Free Shipping

Another benefit for LA7 online shoppers is the addition of free shipping. LA7 offers free shipping on Orders $49+. With so many affordable fashion pieces, you can get multiple outfits with free shipping included.

Save yourself the gas money and make your purchase directly from LA7 online!

Access to New LA7 Inventory

LA7 is constantly on the search for the latest fashion trends. When you shop in stores, it can take a few weeks for new inventory to arrive and hit the shelves. That’s because the traditional supply chain goes through multiple steps before it reaches the consumer.

With LA7 Online, products go directly from the factory to your hands. Online inventories are continuously updated to show new stock and you can have it delivered to your door in no time. Have access to the newest LA7 inventory and affordable women’s fashion right away!

How LA7 Online Offers Affordable, Trendy Fashion

The addition of an online retail space is no small undertaking. But LA7 Online is able to continue to provide customers with the latest affordable fashion through a new channel. Much of this comes down to LA7’s unique approach to the supply chain and team of dedicated fashionistas. 

LA7 Manufacturer to Consumer

As mentioned above, most retailers follow a long, drawn out supply chain process to deliver their clothes to customers’ hands. The traditional supply chain for retailers includes:

  • Factory
  • Sourcing Agents
  • Warehousing
  • Wholesaler
  • Distributer
  • Department Store
  • Customer

As you can imagine, this process means it can take weeks for the latest fashions to reach consumers. In the past, fashion would change on a seasonal basis. This would allow retailers and shoppers ample time to restock their wardrobe for different seasons and occasions. These pieces would also be considered stylish for anywhere from 5-10 years at a time.

But with the rise of microtrends - cycle typically lasts 3-5 years - fashion is moving faster than ever. Every week there seems to be a new trending outfit that shoppers want to get their hands on. The traditional supply chain process doesn’t support the incredibly fast pace of the latest fashions.

That’s why LA7 Online cut out the middle men to deliver products directly from their manufacturer to the consumer. Without all these steps along the way, consumers can receive the latest fashion trends from LA7 quickly at affordable prices.

LA7 Exclusive Products

Along with their strong relationships with their manufacturer, LA7 has also been making the move to stock more products exclusive to the LA7 brand. LA7 is known for having a wide range of products, some of the most popular being their collection of high-quality, affordable leggings.

The LA7 team is constantly on the lookout for the latest trends. The dedicated fashion enthusiasts across the country are always seeking new looks and collaborating to bring up and coming fashion to LA7 online. The ability to manufacture these products under the LA7 label means LA7 Online can stock and deliver them to more customers without details.

Recently, LA7 Online released their own collection of Flare Crossover Leggings with moisture wicking technology and four-way stretch fabric that is buttery soft with gentle support giving your body the perfect hug.

LA7 Online Perks

When shopping online at LA7, shoppers can experience added perks that they can’t always find in store. This includes:

  • Same Day Fulfillment
  • Easy 15 Days Exchange
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Enrollment in LA7 Rewards
  • Exclusive Sales
  • Items Restocked Every 2 Weeks 
  • Accurate Sizing Charts

LA7 Online enables people to be inspired and to express their own personal style, while maintaining an affordable price point. Shoppers don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on clothing for product perfection, LA7 Online creates timeless athleisure pieces that are durable, versatile, and comfortable for your everyday life.

What to Expect Shopping Online From LA7

Shopping LA7 Online is a breeze. After filling your cart with all your new finds, it’s time to check out. LA7 Online accepts a variety of popular payment methods to make this step as easy as possible. From there, all orders are processed through LA7 facilities within 24hours, to ensure that you receive your purchase promptly.    

With LA7 Online, it’s easy to shop for affordable women’s fashion from the comfort of home. Stay up to date on the latest trends and deals with LA7’s ever-expanding inventory of sets, leggings, statement tees and more.

Shop LA7’s affordable fashion today or subscribe to LA7 to stay up to date on new product releases, inventory restocks, and special offers.

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