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8 Spring Fashion Outfits You'll Want to Copy

by ENEZ SARI 28 Apr 2022
Woman in a bright athleisure set - showing that bold colors and comfy sets are in style this spring
Spring is in the air, and you know what that means—it’s time for chic spring fashion!
The warm weather and extra sunshine can inspire your wardrobe this season. So pack away your winter coats and get ready for spring fashion outfits.
Here are some of our favorite spring outfit trends that you can try.
1. All-Over Texture
What’s one thing trendy spring outfits have in common this year? Texture! From chic knit sets to bubbly tops, Vogue predicts that we’ll see micro-textures coming back thanks to new-guard designers.
Consider pairing a vibrant crinkle bubble top with your favorite pair of jeans and sneakers for a casual day out. While this texture may make you think of decades past, it’s the pinnacle of Y2K fashion elevated by modern designs.
2. Patterned Sets
Sets are a convenient fashion trend you can wear year-round. However, you may want to consider switching up your cozy knit set from the winter for something brighter and more fun during spring.
Cute sweater and skirt sets make for the perfect chic spring outfits and are also versatile for the changing weather. Or, find a new athleisure set that will make you look effortlessly fashionable on your morning coffee run.
3. Platforms, Platforms, Platforms
We can’t forget about shoes! We’re seeing a lot of spring clothing ideas centered around platforms.
Today, nearly every type of shoe can be found with some added height. From sneakers and sandals to boots and heels, Glamour highlights that everything comes in a platform style to instantly elevate your look. Consider pairing a pair of platforms with wide-leg pants or a mini skirt to stay on trend.
4. Leisure Bottoms Are Here To Stay
Good news comfort-lovers, leggings and leisure bottoms are here to stay for the spring season. Lots of spring outfit ideas like these from Refinery 29 showcase comfy bottoms and sets that are perfect for transitioning from working at home to heading out to do errands.
If you’re in need of more leisure pants like leggings, make sure to check out our selection that is all under $10.
5. Create Fun Shapes
Woman in a top with cutouts to show this spring fashion trend
New spring looks clothing is all about having fun with shapes. Leave your skinny jeans in the closet (for now) and opt for denim or linen wide-leg pants. Pair this with a tiny top and oversized jacket for more dimension.
Creating shapes and layers is also practical for spring days that start cool and warm up with the sun.
6. Mini Skirts Are Back
Mini skirts have been gracing the runway for the past few months, and with the warm weather finally arriving it’s time for them to make their way into mainstream fashion. And we’re not just talking about your average mini skirt, but micro-minis.
Forbes explains that this spring fashion outfit takes the best of the Y2K classic and prep-school-inspired style. If you need some outfit inspiration, pair your mini skirt with an oversized pastel sweater to stay warm or a button-down to rock the school look.
7. Eye Catching Cutouts
Cutouts are topping the list of spring clothing ideas. From dresses with cutout halters to fun tops with keyholes, these artful cutouts are perfect for spring.
Chic spring fashion is all about adding fun details to classic looks, like a maxi dress with a surprise cutout on the back. It’s always fun to show a little more skin in the spring, and this trend is sure to translate well into the hot summer months too.
8. Bold Colors and Prints
Nearly every spring clothing idea this year revolves around bright colors and fun prints. While neutrals will always be around, spring is definitely the time to have fun with colors. Get inspired by the blooming flowers and find fits in vibrant hues.
Most fashion experts are also predicting the colors for spring fashion outfits this year will be lime green, orange, and hot pink. A neon palette is what you’d expect from the Y2K revival and is a welcome sight after a cold, dull winter.
In the mood for more spring clothing ideas? LA7 has all the latest trends in stock from leisure bottoms to trendy sets in bold colors and classic neutrals. And the best part? Every piece of clothing is always under $10 so you can stay on trend without breaking the bank.
Shop our collections today and find affordable, trendy clothing just in time for the new season!
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