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How to Style a Denim Jacket Outfit with Leggings

by ENEZ SARI 26 May 2022

Denim jackets on rack

A jean jacket and leggings outfit is a classic look you should have in your wardrobe rotation. Not only is it versatile enough for nearly every season, but it can also make you look effortlessly cool.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to wear your jean jacket with leggings, let us help. Get inspired by these cute outfits with jean jackets and leggings that range from casual to more sophisticated for a night out.

The Classic Route

There are really no rules for how to wear a denim jacket with leggings. However, you can’t go wrong with pairing a classic denim jacket with a pair of black leggings and a tucked-in t-shirt or crop top. Add a pair of white sneakers for an effortless look that’s also practical for a day out.

As you’ll quickly notice, many of these outfit ideas are also influenced by accessories. Complete this classic look with your favorite simple backpack and sunglasses for a morning brunching with friends or running errands.

Make it Sporty

You can also easily dress this look down for a sports game or casual day on the town. Opt for a white tee, tennis shoes, and, of course, a baseball cap to really make the look and show off your favorite sports team. 

In cooler weather, you can also pull off this look by layering a long-sleeve hoodie under an oversized denim jacket.

Add a Pop of Color

While black leggings are often the go-to for this look because it complements blue denim, don’t shy away from adding pops of color or other textures to your outfit. Swap out your black leggings for a pair of high waist leggings in your favorite color or pattern.

There are so many eye-catching or even neutral colors to choose from — this is a great way to make your leggings the star of the outfit. Just make sure to keep your top and accessories more neutral, like a white t-shirt and simple sneakers. 

Embrace the Edge

An oversized denim jacket and leggings can also be made edgier with the right accessories. Rather than a fitted or cropped denim jacket, opt for an oversized jacket that’s a staple for a grunge look. Instead of sneakers, edge it out more with black ankle boots.

And when it comes to accessories, don’t shy away from an oversized pair of sunglasses, black leather bag, or hat.

Dress it Up

Woman wearing leggings outfit with leather jacket and accessories

A jean jacket and leggings outfit can also be dressed up with the right accessories. Rather than a t-shirt, consider wearing a mock neck bodysuit or a more fitted top to create a different, more refined silhouette. 

Then, pair this with boots, heels, or flats to elevate the look. The addition of your favorite bag, hoops, and a delicate necklace can all make this a great transitional outfit that can take you from a casual day to dinner.

Make it Cozy

The best part about an outfit with leggings is that it’s extremely versatile for all seasons. A denim jacket can keep you warm on cool summer nights but still be easily slipped off when the sun is shining. The same is true for the fall and winter months.

To make this look cozy for the fall and beyond, simply swap out your t-shirt for a light sweater or long-sleeve. Whenever you’re layering something under a denim jacket, you want to ensure it doesn’t create too much bulk. On the other hand, you can always size your jacket up if you do want to wear it with a chunky sweater.

Fashion Tip: Rolling the sleeves of your sweater or hoodie with your denim jacket can add some more flair to this fit.

Go Monochrome

Create a striking look by sticking to one color with your outfit. Wear your classic black leggings with a denim jacket in black. You can even upgrade this look with leather leggings and a moto jacket. 

Add other black accessories, like sunglasses, a leather purse, and black boots for a completely eye-catching monochrome outfit that’s anything but boring.

Finding Your Perfect Jean Jacket Outfit

As you can see, there are many ways to wear a denim jacket with your favorite pair of comfortable leggings. From the classic look to a more sophisticated style, you can find a combination that showcases your personal aesthetic for many occasions. 

Of course, you also shouldn’t shy away from switching up this classic combination. Leggings are extremely versatile so you can wear them with nearly anything, including chic leather jackets, trenches, and more.

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