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How to Find Comfortable Clothes That Still Look Great

by NP Accel 09 Nov 2022

Woman choosing from comfortable clothes in her closet

Every wish you didn’t have you sacrifice your style for comfort?

It’s completely possible to find clothes that are comfortable while still being stylish. At LA7, we know a thing or two about creating trendy, comfortable clothes for women. Read on to learn more about how to find comfy clothes that will still make you look and feel your best.

What Makes Clothing Comfortable?

When you think of women’s comfortable clothing, cozy sweaters, plush sweatpants, and stretchy leggings likely come to mind. But what makes all these pieces of clothing so comfortable?

Here are a handful of qualities of comfortable clothing for women to look for:

  • Fabric: The material makes all the difference when it comes to comfortable clothes. Think of your favorite T-shirt or pants, they’re most likely made of soft cotton or linen respectively. Comfortable clothing for women is usually made of breathable, lightweight, and soft fabric.
  • Fit: How your clothes fit also contributes to how comfortable you are. For instance, leggings that are too tight might dig into your stomach. Leggings that are the perfect size will give your body the perfect hug. Make sure to choose the right size clothes, or size up if you want something extra comfortable.
  • Style: It’s no surprise that some clothing styles are more comfortable than others. For instance, a pair of blue jeans feel more stiff than leggings, This can also be down to preference. Some people may be more comfortable in a tank top than a long-sleeve shirt or vice versa.
  • Stretch: Flexibility is another aspect that makes certain women’s comfort clothing stand out against the rest. Stretch fabric can give your body the perfect hug while accentuating your natural curves. 
  • Embellishments: Certain embellishments may make your clothes look great, but can be uncomfortable. Added zippers, sequins, and buttons are all fun design elements, but when positioned incorrectly can rub against your skin or make you itch.
  • Cooling: Cooling or moisture-wicking fabric is an often overlooked element of comfortable clothing for women. According to REI, moisture-wicking fabric has two jobs: quickly moving sweat to the fabric’s outer surface, and drying rapidly.


Comfortable Clothes for Women That Look Great

Now that you know what to look for in clothes that are comfortable, let’s give you some outfit inspiration. Here are a handful of comfortable clothing options for women that are sure to make you look and feel your best no matter if you’re running errands or lounging around the house.

Side Pocket Leggings

When it comes to versatile clothes that are comfortable and stylish, you can’t go wrong with leggings. Our Side Pocket Leggings are made with non sheer fabric that keeps you held in and supported in all the right places.

Soft moisture wicking technology is breathable and comfortable for everyday wear. Breathable fabric design allows air to fully penetrate for body temperature regulating effect while also keeping you dry when you break a sweat.

Plus, these leggings come in a variety of styles, colors, and prints so you can mix and match them with your fave tops for different occasions.

Jogger Sets

A set is a perfect way to instantly look put together yet still be comfortable no matter what you’re doing. Take this Elastic Cami Crop Top & Jogger Pants Set that has you looking cute and comfy. Plus, it’s made with wrinkle resistant technology that keeps you looking your best from day to night.

Or, this Lettuce Edge Long Sleeve Baby-Tee 2 Piece Set that’s perfect for running errands, light exercise, or lounging. The buttery soft rib-knit fabric not only feels heavenly but is optimal for an effortless casual look. And for something with some more detail, opt for the Seamless Macrame Laser Cut Long Sleeve 2 Piece Sport Set. This two piece set comes with high waisted seamless leggings with laser cut details and a seamless tailored fit.

Cozy Bodysuit

The right bodysuit can be a comfortable staple in your closet.

Just take the PA Fine Yarn Long Sleeve Bodysuit. The long sleeves, ribbed fabric, and sleek turtleneck are perfect for fall and cooler winter weather. Ideal for pairing with your favorite pants or layering for those chilly days. Plus, since it’s a body suit you never have to worry about your shirt riding up.

Or, try the comfortable Bustier Long Sleeve Bodysuit. The long sleeve bodysuit is made with soft, fine yarn fabric that feels nice on your skin. The added bustier detail is eye-catching in all the right places.

Looking for more affordable, stylish, and comfortable women’s clothing? Check out more of our new arrivals from LA7 ONLINE today!
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