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The Ultimate Guide to Cozying Outfit Ideas For the Holidays

by ENEZ SARI 24 Nov 2022

Woman looking content in fuzzy, oversized pink sweater

The holidays are right around the corner, and that means it’s time to pull out your favorite cozy clothes. From your well-loved oversized sweater and long sleeve turtle necks to cozy wide leg pants and leggings, there are so many cozy outfits for winter to choose from.

If you want to stay stylish but comfortable this holiday season, we have some tips and tricks to help. Read on for some cozy outfit ideas that will help you stay warm, snug, and stylish.

What Makes a Cozy Outfit?

Not everyone’s idea of a cozy outfit is the same. For some, cozy clothes for winter may mean chic leather pants paired with a bodysuit and a warm and bright colored puffer coat. For others, it’s an oversized sweater and leggings.

No matter if your definition of cozy includes sleek knee high boots or fleece lined slippers, here are some of the elements of what makes an outfit truly cozy.

  • Material: The right fabric can make or break a cozy winter outfit. According to the experts at Mood, some of the coziest textiles include wool, fleece, flannel, and knits. These materials are soft to the touch and keep you warm. Consider basing a cute winter outfit around these fabrics or mix and match them with other materials like faux leather when you’re going out.
  • Layers: When it comes to cozy outfits for winter, you can’t go wrong with layers. In the cold weather, laying a cardigan over a turtleneck can keep you extra warm. And if you’re in a part of the country where winter days don’t involve snow and ice, you can still layer biker shorts with an oversized sweater to look cozy while staying comfortable.
  • Head to Toe: If you want to master a cute, cozy outfit, remember to think head to toe. Accessories like beanies, scarves, and boots can help you stay warm and comfortable all day long if you’re spending a day outdoors. For inside, don’t forget a cozy headband and fuzzy socks!

Cute, Cozy Outfit Ideas For Winter

Ready to look cute and cozy this holiday season. Here are some cozy outfits for home that are perfect for baking Christmas cookies, watching your favorite holiday movies, and opening up gifts on Christmas morning.

Elastic Cami Crop Top & Jogger Pants Set

This snug jogger set is the perfect foundation for your cozy outfit for home. The knit tank top comes in a solid color and features a scoop neckline, adjustable sleeveless cami straps, and an elastic cropped hem. The knit pair of jogger pants come with an elastic waistband with drawstring, side pockets, and full length.

Pair this outfit with your favorite cardigan and fuzzy socks as you curl up with a cup of hot chocolate for a Christmas movie night.

Plaid High-Rise Fuzzy Mini Skirt

This fuzzy mini skirt is the perfect combination of cozy and chic! You won’t be able to resist touching this fuzzy knit skirt. Pair it with a pair of tights and knee high boots for Christmas dinner or dress it down with your favorite sweater and slippers.

This is the perfect cozy outfit idea for this year’s Christmas card!

Tie Front Long Sleeve Wrap Sweater

This is sure to be your new favorite sweater for the holidays. The knit sweater is a staple piece for your cute, cozy outfits. It pairs well with your most comfortable pair of jeans but also looks great with a pair of leggings and fleece lined booties if you want to be extra cozy.

The added wrap and back details instantly elevate this sweater without compromising on the comfort.

Half Zip Pullover Sherpa Jacket

For those extra-cold winter days, this fuzzy pullover jacket is sure to keep you warm. The unbelievably cozy sherpa fabric feels soft on the skin and keeps you warm on the coldest days with a relaxed fit. The sleeve hem, bottom hem and high collar all add some extra coziness.

This cozy jacket pairs perfectly with jeans or leggings. It’s ideal for a walk or hike, running errands, or visiting the Christmas tree farm on a cold day.

Lettuce Edge Long Sleeve Baby-Tee 2 Piece Set

If you want to look cute and cozy on Christmas morning, you can’t pass up this two piece set. The buttery soft rib-knit fabric not only feels heavenly but is optimal for an effortless casual look. The set comes with an adorable lettuce edge detail baby-tee top and high waisted button detail legging.

Paired with your favorite slippers, it makes for a cute look on Christmas morning. You’ll be snug and cozy as you unwrap presents and make Christmas morning brunch.

Want to create more cozy outfits for winter? LA7 has all the sets, tops, bottoms, and more that can create a cute and cozy outfit. Shop the newest trends now just in time for the holidays!
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