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7 Cute Summer Road Trip Outfits

by Dylan Johnson 07 Aug 2022

Two girls in car on a road trip

Nothing says summer like a road trip! Whether you’re headed to the beach or across the state, a road trip is the perfect way to take in the scenery as you reach your destination.

Of course, a road trip also takes planning. From deciding on rest stops to choosing snacks, it’s all part of the experience. The same goes for choosing which clothes to wear on a road trip.

Read on for our tips for how to dress for a road trip along with some outfit inspiration that will help you stay comfortable while looking stylish.

How to Dress For a Road Trip

When you’re going on a road trip, it’s all about dressing for comfort without sacrificing your aesthetic. Here are some other tips for how to dress for a road trip:

  • Be comfortable: We can’t emphasize this enough! Finding comfortable outfits to wear is key to enjoying your trip. No one wants to have a zipper digging into their stomach or a scratchy tag for a long car ride. 
  • Pack layers: One of the most important travel tips is to pack layers. No matter how you travel, layers are great for preparing you for all kinds of adventures. For instance, does your passenger want the AC blasting? No problem, just throw on a sweatshirt! 
  • Mix and match: When taking a road trip you have to be mindful of your space. To avoid overpacking, look for travel outfits that are light, easy to clean, and can be easily mixed and matched.

7 Cute Road Trip Outfits

Friends on road trip taking picture in front of the ocean

Here are some cute and casual road trip outfits that will keep you comfortable during the long hours on the road.

1. Cloud Soft Zip Hooded Jacket 3 Piece Sport Set

Leggings are the foundation for the best outfits for a road trip. That’s because wearing leggings is not only stylish, but also extremely comfortable. The soft fabric won’t dig into your skin and with the cloud-like softness you'll almost forget you are wearing anything at all!

The matching solid sport bra  and a coordinating tailored fit zip hooded jacket are perfect for layering and mixing and matching to create a variety of outfits. 

2. Luxe Feel Mock Neck 2 Piece Set

You never know when there’ll be a cute photo opportunity on your journey. This stylish two piece set is the perfect balance between comfort and style. The buttery soft rib-knit fabric not only feels heavenly but is optimal for an effortless casual look.

Choose from your favorite neutrals or a bright color that’s sure to pop against your road trip backdrop. 

3. Ultrasoft Rib-Knit 2 Piece Set

This might be the ultimate casual road trip outfit if you prioritize comfort. The breathable fabric of the tank top and shorts keeps air flowing so you feel your best whether you’re behind the wheel or choosing tunes as a passenger. 

4. Biker Shorts & Graphic Tee

For an effortless look, you can’t go wrong with biker shorts and a loose graphic tee. We recommend the Soft Sculpt Pocket Biker Shorts that give your body the perfect hug while also offering plenty of pocket space.

Pair these shorts with a fun statement tee that showcases your personality.

5. Leggings and Denim Jacket

As we said, leggings are some of the best bottoms you can wear during a road trip (or really any time!). There are so many ways you can style a denim jacket with leggings for a more elevated look on your road trip. 

Keep it comfortable while you’re in the car and then throw on your favorite jacket before heading into a restaurant or snapping a pic.

6. Scuba Side Zip Drawstring Jogger

If leggings aren’t your style, consider a pair of joggers. The relaxed slouchy fit with a drawstring waistband featuring zip side pockets completes a comfy-cool look. You can pair this casual road trip outfit with your favorite tank top, sports bra, or statement tee depending on your mood.

7. Windowpane Print Crop-Top 2 Piece Set

Looking for a cute day trip outfit idea? This stand out set is perfect. The luxe windowpane plaid fabric has a luxurious feel and is comfortable while still eye-catching. This makes for the perfect outfit so you can look Insta-worthy when you reach your destination.

Whether you’re headed on a road trip, to the gym, or a night out with friends, LA7 has all the cute outfits you need to look and feel your best. And don’t forget the accessories! Shop our sunglasses and more for your road trip needs today.
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